Beeping Teleconference


The Concourse

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The Concourse’s Lazy



Meet GG of The Concourse

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Layout Change

Welcome back to the World of Randoom

Friends, countrymen, and others, welcome to the Chronicles of Randoom, where you shall delve into a collection of random comics and stories. We are aspiring artists and writers at our leisure and hope you enjoy. We welcome your thoughts on this endeavor and hope you follow us forever.

And due to the comics, we have found a WordPress layout named Blaskan that makes use of space more efficiently and will display the images at a larger size. Unfortunately, we cannot change the white background to the transparent black background we had in the Modular Lite WordPress theme. In order to do so, we will have to purchase the customizable package. If you have issues with the white background, please let us know, and we will switch back to the previous layout.


Penguin Names

PNguinPart1 Border

* Nguyen is pronounced similar to “win”

Lazy is up to his antics again. Poor Missy and Robin.

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